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1. Login to your BigCommerce account.
2. Choose the store you would like to work on.

3. Go to the Apps tab

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4. Install the Deluxe Marketing Suite app.
5. Once installed, select the Deluxe Marketing Suite from the left-hand panel.
6. You will be brought to the Deluxe Marketing Suite dashboard.

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7. Click Create new form.
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8. You will now need to create the details of your form.

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9. Next you will need to choose your contact list. You can choose an existing list from VerticalResponse, or you can create a new one. If you create a new list here, it will automatically be created in VerticalResponse too. Your lists from VerticalResponse and BigCommerce will always sync up, so your list in either place is current.

10. Next, choose a title and a description.  You can see a live preview of what it will look like.

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11. Now choose how you would like your form to appear to your customers. Do you want it to pop up in the center of the page, or the top? You will get to decide after how many second you want this form to appear.

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12. You’re also able to customize how the form looks. You can change the button text, background, text color and the shape of the button.  

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13. Lastly, choose what information you would like to collect. There are many options to include in your form: name, email address, gender, birth date, address and more.  Simply click the + sign beside each choice to add it to your form.
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14. When you are happy with your form, click Save and publish.
15. After you have published your form, you will be able to see stats by clicking the Forms tab at the top.  
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Setting up a new VerticalResponse connection
If you already have a VerticalResponse account, you have two options. Go to the Integrations tab, then:
  1. Enter your VerticalResponse client key and secret key.
  2. Or, click on “connect with VR” and in the next window, simply enter your VerticalResponse credentials.
If you do NOT have a VR account do NOT worry it’s very quick, simple and easy. Just click on the “Signup” button.




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