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How can I post to more than one Facebook account?

With your VerticalResponse account, you can connect to one Facebook and one Twitter account (Free Plan), 3 social media accounts (Basic Plan), or six accounts (Pro Plan). 

The social accounts page in your account allows you to link a Facebook personal account plus a Facebook page if your company page is linked to your personal account, and a Twitter account.You may be a very social person and have more networks, and that's no problem! There are two ways to add more social accounts to your VR account.

First, you can add a new account under the Contacts tab.
  • Click Contacts at the top of the account
  • Click on the Social Accounts tab
  • Click 'Add new account'
  • Select the network you want to use, like Facebook, and then log into that account.

You'll now see your new account added and the next time you create a post you can use it.

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And, you can add more social accounts on the fly from the Social Post creator.

User-added image
  • Click the "Create Social Post" button to start a new Social Post.
  • You will see your linked Facebook / Twitter accounts listed on the left side of the box.
  • Click the "+" symbol at the bottom left corner to "Connect My Accounts."
  • Click the Facebook or Twitter icon.
  • When prompted, sign in to your account.

You will now be able to select multiple Facebook accounts and post to them.

Note: When connecting a Facebook account, the cookies in your browser may automatically link the Facebook account you are currently logged into. To link a different account, you'll first need to log out of the current Facebook account, then follow the steps above to link the different account.



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