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Sign Up Form Thank You Page

Design your thank you page - Hosted Sign-up forms

Once you’ve designed your sign up form you’ll move to the next step, the Thank You page.

There are two options here. You can have a thank you page that matches your sign up form, or you can have your new subscribers redirected to a website that you choose. So if you’ve already created something specific on your website or you have a landing page, you can use that instead.

To use the redirect option just add a URL to the box in the top left of the page. This will then be the only option your subscribers see, they won’t see the thank you page. You can always delete the URL if you decide you want to use the thank you page instead.


User-added image

To edit the thank you page, click any of the text boxes and make your changes; use the menu to the right if you need to. We have some suggested text for you on this page, but be sure to change it since it’s not complete.

We suggest you add your company name and postal address to the footer, to let your subscribers know they have the right form and to be in compliance with some spam laws.

When everything looks the way you want, click next and your changes will be saved.



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