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Your email is set up, you've tested it and it looks fabulous. Time to send it out! The Send and Schedule page is where a lot of things happen, so let's look at a break down of all the features on this page.

At the top left of the page you'll see all of your lists; click the box next to the list or lists (select how ever many you need!) you want to mail to. The ones selected will be highlighted in purple so you know which ones you've selected.

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If you get to this page and realize you haven't uploaded a list yet, or need to add a few addresses, no problem! Click the Add Manually tab and either type or paste your email addresses into the box. If you’re pasting the email addresses, use a plain text file, not Word. You may add up to 50 email addresses; if you have more, use the upload option on the next tab. Then either create a new list, or add the email addresses to a list you already have.

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For a larger list, click the Import from File tab a to add a new list. The system will walk you through the upload and then bring you right back to the same page to send your email.

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To the right are the tools for scheduling your email. If you’re ready to send out your email now, just select the Send Now radio button. You can also set up your email to be sent whenever you like by selecting the Schedule it radio button and setting the date and time. Either select the date you need, or use the calendar to find the date, then enter the time you want the email sent.

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If everything is set up to your liking, click Send Email in the upper right corner and we'll send your email when you've scheduled it to go.

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