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List Details

Click the name of one your lists and you can see more details about what's stored there.

By default you'll see all the active email addresses on your list and the Active tab in the top left will be green. These are all the addresses on your list that are mailable, plus more of the list data.

Click on the Inactive tab and you'll see any of the addresses that have bounced or unsubscribed from your list. The status column will tell you which. Unconfirmed addresses are contacts that signed up using a sign up form but haven't double opted-in yet. You'll also see addresses that are On Hold under the Inactive tab. These are addresses that have been uploaded to your account but can't be mailed to because they exceed the number of contacts from your pricing package. To make these addresses mailable you'll need to change your package. Read more about contact status definitions here.


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You can add a new contact to your list here if you need to. Just click the green plus sign on the right side and we'll walk you through it.

To remove or delete an address from the list just click the box to the left, then select Remove From List to take it off the list but not out of the account, or click Delete Recipient to remove it permanently.

The Sign Up Forms tab shows you sign up forms associated with the current list.

Click on an email address if you need to edit or change info you have for that contact, or if you want to change the lists they are on. If you add or change any info, be sure to click Save at the bottom of the page.

The Lists Membership tab lets you add or remove an address to/from any of your lists. When you click the tab you'll see a checkmark next to all the lists that address is on. Either click a box to add to a list or click the checkmark to remove it from the list. And again, be sure to click Save if you want to save your changes.



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