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Getting Started with VerticalResponse- Guide

Ready to send emails but not sure how to get started? This guide is for you! In a few quick steps you can upload your mailing list, set up an email and send a message. 

First things first
Before you can set up an email or upload your mailing list, you need to round up a few items.

List - You'll need your email marketing list ready to upload into your account. The easiest way to do this is by saving it in Excel as a .csv, .xls, or .xlsx file type. You can manually type in your contacts if you have a few, but if you have a lot, you’ll want to upload them to save time.
Email Content – Consider the type of email you plan to send -- Newsletter, Invitation, or Promotion -- and what your message will communicate. Gather images you want to use, links you’ll need in the email, and the text. You don't have to write everything in your email ahead of time, but having an idea of what you want to say and any content you want to include will make the creation process much faster. Plus, knowing what kind of email you want to send will make selecting a predesigned template easier.
Social Media – Sharing your email on social media helps spread the word about your business. You’ll want to include links in your email that enable readers to both share your email and to follow your business on social media. We provide social media icons to add to your emails. Have your social media page URLs handy.

Now that you have your email ingredients ready, let’s get started!

Add your Contacts

The Contacts section keeps track of both your email mailing lists and social media connections. You can upload or drag and drop your email contacts into an Excel file, or manually type them in. You can also connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts in this section.
Upload a list
  • To create a new list, click Contacts from the top tab.  
  • Click the Create new list button.
  • Give your list a name that indicates who is on the list or the purpose of the list. Ex: Email Newsletter List or Promotion List. Keep in mind that your subscribers can see the name of your list if it's public, so keep it simple.
  • Choose whether to import your lists from an Excel file or upload them manually.  You have the ability to drag and drop your list as well.
Once you’ve named the list, you can add contacts to it. If you're uploading a list, your file should be saved in .txt, .csv, .xls, or .xlsx formats. These are the most common types of Excel files and yours is probably already saved in one of these formats.


User-added image

You can upload your list a few ways:
  1. Click the Upload File find the file you want to upload from your computer. 
  2. Go the easy route and drag your list from your computer onto the target where it says Drag & Drop. We do the rest!  
  3. If you just have a couple of contacts to add, you may want to select Add Manually and type them in individually.  
  4. If you already have an email list with another app, you can easily import them.   You can import your contact files from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL and Constant Contact with easy-to-follow instructions we’ve provided on the Add Contacts page.
Now that you have your file uploaded, match your data to finish adding the list to your account. Take a look at the drop-down menus above your data, and match what you see in the column to the options in the menu. For example, in the column with email addresses you'll select, email address in the drop down menu, match first names with first names, etc. If you don’t want to include the data in your list, select Unmapped and we won’t upload any of that information. Once everything looks good, click Import on the right and you're ready to go!


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You can also create a custom field during your list upload. On the Map Fields page just type in a new custom field name where it says Unmapped. Once you like the name, click Create Field.

      User-added image
To quickly add a contact to a list, use the form on the right hand side.  It’s easy: all you have to do is fill out the contact information and select the list you want to add them to.

User-added image
Create a Sign-Up Form
To create a sign-up form click the Sign Up Form tab under contacts. You have the option to either design your own sign-up form or embed a generic HTML code into your website.

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To design your own, first choose a template from the top panel. Next, you’ll need to provide your company name and text explaining why the customer should sign up. Then you can choose what sort of information you want a customer to provide such as first name, email or address. You’ll find a list of form fields that you may use on the left hand panel.

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Once you have created a form you like click Next. You’ll then be asked to create a thank you page. This page will let customers know that their email was successfully added to your system and to look out for emails from Vertical Response with a confirmation link.

The last step is to either share your sign-up form on social media or get the HTML code and embed it into your website.

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The Contacts section is where you’ll set up connection to your social networks, so we’ll do that now as well.

Add Social Accounts
To add your social accounts, click the Add New Account button to the right of Social Accounts. If you've added every social account your current subscription allows, we'll let you know. If you need to add an extra account, you can always upgrade your subscription.

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Choose the social network you would like to add to your VerticalResponse account and follow the authorization forms.
The Social Accounts section will display all of the social accounts you've linked. Here’s what else you’ll find here: 
  • Type – This displays the social icon of the network you've linked
  • Name – This is the name associated with the social account you’ve linked. It could be your name, your company name or your Twitter handle.
  • Followers – This is the total number of followers for each account you've linked.
Create an Email
Now that you’ve uploaded your lists and linked your social media accounts, it’s time to create an email. Creating a new email only takes a few simple steps! Just select a template, add some images, links, your text, and you should be ready to send.
To create a new email, click on the Messages tab of your account. Then under Email Campaign, click Create One.  
Our super simple system will walk you through setting up your email. The first step is to fill out your campaign information.

Campaign & Sender Details  Subject Line 

This may look complicated or sound super techy, but it's just the info your readers will see when they first get your email.

Here's a breakdown for each line:

From Name will usually be your company name; most of your readers will recognize your company name before a person's name.

The Subject line is at the very top of the email and should be something interesting and attention grabbing, to make your readers want to open the email. It should also have something to do with the content in your email, which is a requirement of the CAN-SPAM law.

The From Address is the address your readers will see when your email comes into their inbox. This doesn’t have to be the same as the reply-to email address, but your recipients will see it, so your personal email address may not be what you want to use here.

Reply Address is the email address is where we’ll send any responses to your email. Your recipients won’t see this one, so be sure to use one that’s monitored in case they have any questions.

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Fill in all the details and click the green Continue button.
Next you will visit our template gallery to choose what kind of email you want to send.

Template Gallery

The template gallery is where you can find pre-made designs for your emails. You’ll be able to choose from different kinds of emails such as announcements, newsletters, basic emails, coupons and more. You’ll also have the option to upload your own HTML template or start building an email from scratch.
All the templates are responsive, so no matter what size screen your email is read on, everything should look good. So your mobile and tablet readers should find reading your email easy, just like those on a desktop computer.
Once you have chosen an email template, hover over it and press Continue.

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Now that you’ve selected the template you want to use, you can add your content. And we've made that a snap! Templates are pre-set with images and text blocks that make sense for your business. But you can easily make changes to fit your needs. The editor allows you to completely customize your email. You’ll be able to insert content blocks, edit images, change the background and more!
To insert a content block, choose a layout from the left hand panel.

User-added image
  • Editing a content block – To add a content block, use the Click to Edit button on the content you want to edit. Once clicked you’ll be able to edit the text, font, border color, row color and more.
  • Editing an image block – To add an image block select the Click to Edit button on the image. Once clicked you’ll be able to replace, edit, link to the image and more from the panel on the left.
  • Social Share – Add social sharing icons to your email to enable readers to share your email on their social accounts, bringing you a bigger audience.
  • Follow Us – Select the social block to insert the follow icons into your email. Once the block has been inserted, select Click to Edit. Now in the left hand panel you’ll be able to select which social accounts you would like to display, as well as choose the style, size and spacing of the buttons.
  • Button Builder – To add a call-to-action button to your email, from the left hand panel select the button content block. Once selected you’ll be able to edit aspects such as the label, URL color, size and more.
  • Image group – Add two images side-by-side to showcase products or services.
  • Divider – Add a line between Content Blocks by selecting the divider option from the content block panel. Select color and thickness of the line and add space above or below it by hovering over the line and selecting Click to Edit.
  • Swap – To modify the layout of a Content Block that contains two or more columns you can use the swap feature. Simply click Swap and then select Move it here. You can do this to make the image go on the left and text on the right or vice versa.
  • Row Color – Change the color of the rows of your email easily by selecting the row and then select Color to the right of the row.  Or optionally, select Page Style and select your color preference under Theme Row Color.   You can even edit the thickness, border radius, shadow width and more.
  • Background – Change the background of your email to a certain color or theme. Visit the Page Style tab and then Background. Here you will see the different options for backgrounds.
  • Delete – At any time you can delete any content blocks you add easily by hovering over the row and selecting Delete.
  • Preview – You’ll be able to view your email in desktop, mobile and tablet form.
While you're adding text to your email, our system will automatically check the spelling for you. Be sure you have Spell Check turned on in your browser, and you'll see any errors with a red underline.

The Content Block will adjust to the amount of text you include or the images you add; you won't need to resize anything.

All changes to your email are saved automatically, so no need to worry about losing your work! Did you add something but don’t like it after all? Simply use the undo button. You’ll even be able to use the clock icon to undo previous edits.

Once you like how your email looks, click the Next button in the top right corner. You will have to preview your email, as well as send out a test. Then you can select your lists and schedule when you want your email to go out.

When you are ready to send click the green Send Email button in the top right corner. 
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And there you go! In just a few quick and easy steps, you now have an email to send. Remember, once you send the email, check your reporting to see how effective your email and social posts are with your readers.

Use our handy checklist before you send your email to make sure you've covered everything!



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