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Header and Subject line Settings

This may look complicated or sound super techy, but it's just the info your readers will see when they first get your email. Want to skip all the reading and watch a video instead? Click here!

Header Settings

Here's a breakdown for each line:

The Subject line is at the very top of the email and should be something interesting and attention grabbing, to make your readers want to open the email. But it should also have something to do with the content in your email- that’s a requirement of the CAN-SPAM law.

The From Label will usually be your company name; most of your readers will recognize your company name before a person's name.

The From Address is the address your readers will see when your email comes into their inbox. This doesn’t have to be the same as the reply-to email address, but your recipients will see it, so your personal email address may not be what you want to use here.

Reply To email address is where we’ll send any responses to your email. Your recipients won’t see this one, so be sure to use one that’s monitored in case they have any questions.

Email Name is what you'll see on the Messages page and how you'll find your email once it's been sent out, or if you need to edit before you send it. The name is only for your reference, no one will see it in your email, so use anything that works best for you to remember. You can check the box under it if you want to use the subject line as your email name.



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