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Sending a Welcome Email to a new subscriber can keep these newest sign-ups engaged and interested in your business, and encourage them to become a customer more quickly. Sending a welcome email soon after someone signs up for your list gives you a good opportunity to welcome them, what value they can  expect to receive in your emails and to thank them for signing up. Creating a Welcome Email in your VerticalResponse account is easy to do, click the Create One button and follow these three steps:
Autoresponder Create One

1. Select your mailing list - After you click the Create One button, select the list you want to send your Welcome Email to. You can select any list in your account, but a list that is connected to a sign up form will work best. Once your Welcome Email is activated we’ll send it out to any new sign ups or email addresses added to the list, but not to any addresses already on the list. This way no one will get the email more than once.

Your Welcome Email will be sent within 15 minutes when a new email subscriber is added to your selected list. The Welcome Email will only be sent to the new subscribers of the list you select. If you've selected a list linked to a sign up form, the email address of new sign ups will need to be confirmed first before we send out the Welcome Email. Any unconfirmed subscribers will not receive a Welcome Email until they've confirmed their email address


Welcome Email List selection

2. Create your welcome email - The next step is to create your Welcome Email. The steps are exactly the same as creating any email in your account. For more help check out our helpcenter.

There are many different uses for Welcome Emails and we have lots of examples to help you decide which will work best for your business. 

3. Activate - When you're happy with the way your Welcome Email looks and you’ve tested and previewed it, it’s time to activate it. Unlike an email you send one time, you won’t need to schedule your Welcome Email, it will automatically be sent within 15 minutes anytime someone signs up to be added to the list you've selected. So all you need to do is click Activate and it's go time for your Welcome Email!

Welcome Email Activate Button

If you find you need to make edits to your Welcome Email, we make it easy.


  • On the Messages page, click the Edit button in the bottom right corner.
  • On the Messages page, select the box next to the name of your Welcome Email and then click the Pause button in the bottom right corner. 
    • Note: During the time your Welcome Email is paused, no emails will be sent to anyone who signs up for the list associated with it. You’ll know that your Welcome Email is in the paused state because you will see the status of your Welcome Email change from Active to Paused
    • Click the name of the Welcome Email, then the Edit button to make your changes. Once your edits are complete, click the Activate button to start your Welcome email again.

You can also stop your email indefinitely by pausing it, or you can delete it if you don't want to use it again.

Pause Welcome Email

If your Autoresponder email has been paused, to either edit it or to stop sending for awhile, you can reactivate the emails again just by clicking a button. From the Messages page click the box next to to the email that's been Paused and then click the Resume button in the bottom right corner. You can also reactivate by clicking on the name of the email and then clicking Resume in the top right corner of the reporting page.

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We have lot’s of resources to help you create Welcome emails that work for you, visit this pages for more info:

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