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Autoresponder Reporting

Once your autoresponder email is activated, it will be sent out no more than 15 minutes after a new subscriber signs up. We track the response to your autoresponder emails including the number sent, the number opened and clicks on links. We keep track of these stats for as long as your autoresponder email is active.
To view the reporting for your autoresponder email, just click on the name of your autoresponder in the Message center.


We’ll show you how many emails have been sent since you first activated your autoresponder. Remember, this number will increase over time. In this same area we’ll show you the name of the autoresponder email and the name of the list attached to this specific email. You can even add more email addresses to the list here by simply clicking the Add Contacts button.

If any of the emails added to your list bounce, we’ll report on that too. You’ll be able to see which addresses bounced and what percent of the overall list that is.

Audience Autoresponder


Your Reach number is how many emails get opened and what percent of your sent emails that is. You can view who’s opening your email by clicking the View link here.

Reach Autoresponder


Under Response we track the following:
  • Clicks on links in your email as well as the percentage of the sent emails. Click View to see who has clicked links in your email.
  • Unsubscribes from the email and a link to see who has left your list. 

Autoresponder Reporting



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