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Merge List

Do you have two lists that you want to merge together? We’ve made this process simple!

1. Go to the Contacts page
2. Select the first list you would like to merge another list into
3. Click the More Actions button and then select Merge List

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4. Next you will have to choose the second contact list that you would like to merge into your first contact list. This action cannot be undone so be sure it is what you want. Press Confirm once you have chosen your list.
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5. Once the merge is complete, you will be able to see all contacts under the first list.

In conclusion, if you merge a second list (B) into a first list (A), you will end up with the first list (A) having the contacts from both lists (A + B). The first list (A) changes but the second list (B) will remain intact. 

If contacts in your lists have fields like first name, last name, address, or custom fields, those values will move along with your contacts. So when lists are merged, any contacts fields will go with the contacts. 



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