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VerticalResponse Support Community: Participation Guidelines

The VerticalResponse Support Community, accessible via, provides a trusted environment for
our customers, partners, and prospects to get answers, share ideas, collaborate, and gain best practices. This is a community designed to help make our customers more successful using VerticalResponse. With many members - the minute our customers enter the community, they are gaining a network of their peers waiting to help.

This document is intended to serve as a definition of our participation guidelines in the VerticalResponse Community, and to encourage appropriate behavior so this remains a trusted environment. We want to encourage full participation from customers and employees, so this document can act as a guide to what’s in bounds, out of bounds and who to escalate things to.


Be Honest and Transparent. As a member of the community, we ask that you do not participate or represent anonymously or with a pseudonym. This is a business community where we encourage our members to represent themselves authentically to get the most out of the collaborative nature of the community. What you can expect when you participate in the community is to have open, honest and supportive discussions with a wide variety of VerticalResponse customers, partners and developers. We rely on our community members to notify us of behaviors that are inconsistent with these Community Participation Guidelines.

Always respect your audience. Please do not use ethnic slurs, personal insults, or obscenity. Please do not engage in personal attacks or disparage any other participant in this community.

Please Do Not Share Confidential Information. We intend this community to be open and transparent, and it is not an appropriate forum for sharing confidential information of your company.

Get involved but don’t spam. We encourage active participation from all segments of our population including partners but discourage blatant promotion of products or services. Other community members may monitor the community in order to help keep it a trusted and useful environment, free of self-promotion and spam.

Think before you post. Before you post anything, please think about how it will be perceived. With the real-time web there is no undo button. Also please recognize that you are legally responsible for any content you post and that you may be subject to liability if your posts are found defamatory, harassing or in violation of any applicable law, or our VerticalResponse Customer Community Terms of Use.


Creating Your Profile. In order to get the most out of the community and build your network, take 5 minutes to complete your community profile. Start by uploading your picture, description, industry, location and products used. Take it one step further and link up your social profiles including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Liking and Sharing Content. The best way for us to figure out what you want more of in the community is by telling us, and it’s easier than ever to do that. Clicking “Like” will show your support of a post and clicking “Share” will allow you to post that content to your profile or to a group.

Asking & Answering Questions. Post your burning VerticalResponse questions to our Help & Support forum where there are customer, partner and VerticalResponse experts on hand to help you. Whether you have a quick reporting question or a tough workflow rule to build, the Help & Support forum is your place. Make sure to mark your questions as “Best Answer” if you got the response you were looking for. Try your hand at answering a few questions as well if you gained a great nugget of wisdom and you want to share it with your fellow community members. We hear it can be addicting.

Posting & Voting on Feedback. We’re listening! If you have a great idea for our product, suggest it on our Feedback. There are also feedback ideas already out there too, so help them bubble up to the top but commenting and voting. You never know, your idea might be the next great idea that is affects our product roadmap.

Using Search. One of the most common ways our members find great info on our community is through search. The search bar is located at the top of the page no matter where you navigate in the community. It searches across different areas of the community including, questions, ideas, and documents.

The Fine Print
Please review our VerticalResponse Customer Community Terms of Use.




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