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Resubscribe list members

We don't typically resubscribe list members since an unsubscribe reflects a recipient's desire to stop receiving email. Our policies and CAN-SPAM legislation require that we honor all unsubscribe requests. We understand accidents happen however and we're happy to resubscribe any list members who didn't intend to unsubscribe. 

Once a recipient has unsubscribed and is requesting to be resubscribed here are the steps that need to be taken to get that recipient resubscribed.

We must receive an email from the recipient requesting for them to be added back to the list. This email can come directly from the recipient or they can send the request to you and then you forward the email to us. This email can be sent to Please include account email address as well as the email address of the recipient requesting the resubscribe.
Once the email has been sent please allow 24-48 hours to have this completed.



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