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Preheader Text

So what the heck is a preheader? Preheader text is the first line of text or copy in an email that gets pulled into the subject line of some email programs. It's called preheader because it's usually found at the top of the email above the header image. The preheader serves as a secondary subject line and gives your readers more motivation to open your email. It’s powerful because it shows up right after the subject line in the inbox and will help the recipient determine whether to read your email or not. Plus, most mobile phones show the preheader as well, giving your recipients more reason to check out your email.

Your preheader text should be something different from your subject line, but just as interesting, to help encourage your email subscribers to open your email. Our templates have an area to add your preheader; just click on it to edit the placeholder text we've provided. 

When you're setting up your email you'll see a note at the top where you can put your preheader info, like this:

User-added image

To edit the preheader, mouse over the area and Click to edit. Then make changes in the left control panel.

User-added image

The View Online is where we'll add links for your readers, they are not live links until your email is sent.

Then when you send out your email it will look like this:

Preheader in email program

If you choose not to include preheader text, remember to remove the copy we've provided. 



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