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List Import Report

We'll tell you how the upload went in a just a few minutes. The final upload screen will show you how many mailable contacts have been added to your account. Under the file name you'll see a breakdown of the email subscribers that were added. On the left is information about the Imported addresses. We'll tell how many new email addresses were added and how many on the list were already in the account but are now added to this list.

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The right side is for any addresses that were rejected, and we break that down for you as well:
  • Invalid Email Addresses - the email address isn't mailable for some reason, usually a typo like there's an @ missing or there's no .com at the end. You can fix these addresses and then upload or manually add them to your list.
  • Unsubscribed addresses - this is an address that has requested not to get any emails from your company, they've previously unsubscribed from one of the emails you've sent to them.
  • Bounced Addresses - these are addresses that are set up correctly but for some reason aren't accepting emails, usually because they are old no longer valid.
  • Non-mailable Addresses - these are addresses that are known to cause problems with delivery so we'll clean your list so you don't run into any problems.

If you want to see the addresses that have been removed you can click on the Download rejected records link and take a look.



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