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Using Google Analytics

VerticalResponse Google Analytics Link Tracking

VerticalResponse can integrate with the free Google Analytics service to help you further understand how your
recipients are responding to your email campaigns and how they interact with your website. Google Analytics is a free
service, as is VerticalResponse's integration. If you do not have one yet, you can sign up for your free Google Analytics account

Google Analytics allows for the passing of 5 parameters in the URLs in your email campaign. These parameters
will help you slice your data in various ways on the Google Analytics site. Once you have enabled Google Analytics
in your VerticalResponse account, we will do all the heavy lifting for you and add everything you need to track your
links. Here are the parameters that VerticalResponse will automatically tag onto your URLs:
  • Source: VerticalResponse
  • Medium: Email
  • Campaign:  {the subject line of your campaign}
  • Keyword:  {the link’s click text, or a generic placeholder in the absence of such} NOTE: By always using click text, especially where images are concerned, you will have a more specific value for Keyword than the generic placeholder we will assign it.
  • Ad Content:   {the merge field value that you will select before launching the campaign} This can be ANY field in your database whether it’s {MEMBER_NUMBER}, or {EMAIL_ADDRESS} for instance.

Enabling Your VerticalResponse Account

Once you have signed up for your Google Analytics account and placed the tracking code on your website, you’re almost ready. In order to track the URLs in your campaigns, we need to know which links you want us to tag. We’ll ignore any other domains not listed.

To integrate  Google Analytics with VerticalResponse, go the Settings icon in the top right.of the VerticalResponse account page. 

VerticalResponse home page click on top right for settings

Select Google Analytics Link Tracking from the Settings menu. 

Select Google Analytics

Here’s where you will sign into your Google Analytics account and, more importantly, enter your domains to be tracked. Use the “Add a Tracked Domain” link to make room for all your sites. If we were to track our own website, I would enter just in one of the text boxes like you see here.

Once you’ve entered all of the domains you want to track, make sure to click “Save Domains” at the bottom of the page. There
is no limit to the number of domains you can track and you can make changes.  We’ll ignore any other domains not

User-added image

Preparing your links
Once you have enabled the proper domains in your VerticalResponse account, the Google Analytics parameters will automatically be added to your URLs. You still need to select which merge field you want to use as the ‘Ad Content’ variable. You’ll do this on the page where you select the contacts and time you want the email sent. 

Campaign page where you click the box to add GA to the email campaign

Click the box next to "Yes, I want to track email with Google Analytics."  Next, select which merge fields will be used in the Google Analytics content parameter

Check box to turn on GA for this campaign

You have the option of selecting the following fields: 

Google Analytics fields

Viewing Your Results

After the campaign goes out, we’ll leave you some breadcrumbs so that you can find the results in Google Analytics. If
you go to the report page for your campaign you’ll see additional data. 

Notice how we’ve displayed the merge field that you selected and we’ve added the Google icon next to just those links
that are tracked by the Google Analytics integration. The icon will take you to the login page for Google Analytics.
Now you’re ready to slice and dice that data. Google Analytics provides dozens of canned reports and dashboard
elements that you can use to create sophisticated marketing reports. You’ll find reports with geographic overlays,
viewing time spent per page, pages viewed per visit, bounce rates and tons of other options!

Sample Email Campaign

To help illustrate VerticalResponse’s integration with Google Analytics, we’ve set up the following sample email campaign containing two links we’re
going to track. 
Picture of an email campaign

Viewing Stats in Google Analytics 
From your Google Analytics account click ‘Traffic Sources’ in the left hand navigation. Then click on ‘Campaigns’

Google Analytics Campaigns section

Here I can see a snapshot of an email campaign’s performance compared to other traffic sources. The highlighted areas denote email campaigns, which you can see are distinguished by subject line.

Snapshot of email campaign performance

This screen shows the amount of traffic the links in the email have generated. These stats can be used to interpret which links are most successful in my emails.

Chart showing amount of traffic links have generated

The Ad Content parameter displays which email recipients clicked through to the site. We designated this parameter when we
selected the {email_address} merge field at the launch stage.

The Ad Content parameter displays which email recipients clicked through to the site. 

For this campaign, instead of {email_address}, I’ve chosen a {zip_code} parameter for the Ad Content, so I can see which neighborhoods expressed interest in Pizza City.  

Change to a zip code parameter




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