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Email and Social Reporting

For more insight into how your subscribers are interacting with your email check out your reports. Every time you send out an email we'll provide stats and feedback about how your subscribers interacted with it. Just click on the name of a sent email and you'll be taken to the reports page.

View Email - Preview what your email looks like
Share on social - You can create a social post with a link to your email. If you've already done so, you can view the text of your social post. Read more here.
Hosted Version Link - You can view the URL of the hosted version of your email. You can add this to a social post or share through other channels.
Download Email PDF - Download a PDF of your email
Download Reports - Download the overall stats (opens/clicks) for your most recent emails and automated emails
List of Non-Responders - Create a list of non-responders with just a few clicks. These are great to send a follow up email to!
List of Responders - Create a list of your engaged contacts who opened and or clicked your email.

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Below, you'll see the following info:

  • Audience - How many people may see your message. It's a combination of the number of email addresses on the list(s) you mailed to plus the number of social followers for any social accounts you selected. You'll also see which lists you mailed to, and how many bounces there were. If you want to see what bounced addresses, click the View link next to the number of bounces. This will open a list of addresses that bounced, but you’ll also be able to see all of the stats from your email including opens, clicks and unsubscribes here.
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  • Reach - How many people opened your email, or clicked it on social media. If you want to see who opened the email, click the View link next to the number of opens. This will open a list of addresses that opened, but you’ll also be able to see all of the stats from your email including bounces, clicks and unsubscribes here. If you’d like a list of the people who opened your email, just click the green Create a list button at the bottom of the page. 
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  • Response - How many clicks on the links in your email there were and how many times your message was viewed or shared on social media. You'll also see how many unsubscribes and spam complaints there were for this email. To see which links in your email were clicked and how many times, click the View link next to the number of Clicks. This will open a page that lists the links in your email and on the right you’ll see how many times each was clicked. If you’d like a list of the people who clicked each link, click the Who link to the right and you can see the list. Plus, if you’d like a list of clickers you can create one, just click the blue Create a list button at the top right of the page. You have the option to create a list of clickers for one link, all links or just certain ones. Select which link clickers you want to have in a list by selecting the box next to the URL, then click Create a list in the upper right.
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To learn about our Advanced Reporting features, check out this article.

f you've sent a social post you'll see this info:
  • Audience - Total number number of followers for all the social accounts you posted to, which social accounts you posted to and how many followers each has.
  • Reach - How many total interactions your post had and then a break down of the interactions on all social accounts you posted to. An interaction is counted if someone likes your post, shares it or writes a comment.
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