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Create a List of Non-responders

Sometimes your readers don’t open your email, for any number of reasons. It could be that your email arrived when they didn’t have time to read it, or maybe the subject line didn’t catch their attention. Don’t give up on them yet! Just because the first email didn’t work doesn’t mean you should remove them from your list. Instead try sending your email again at a different time or using a different subject line. It could be a little change is all your readers need to engage with your email and company. 

Setting up a list of non-responders is easy, we’ve built it right into your account. Once you've done that, just make a copy of your sent email on the Messages tab, make a few changes if you wish, and schedule it to go. You’ll be able to see if the changes you made had an impact, since you know the people on this list didn’t open the first email.

First, creating a list of non-responders from your sent email is easy, just click on the button the reporting page that says List of Non-Responders. Our system will quickly walk you through giving it a name and saving it for you.

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You’ll see a screen that says New List and a box with a name we suggest - Non-Responders of “Name of your email” sent on (date mailed). This is to make it easy for you find the list and know what it’s from, but you can change the name to something else if you like. If everything looks good, click the Create a List button. If you’ve picked the wrong email or list type, just click Cancel and you’ll go back to the email stats.

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To find the list, click on Contacts and you’ll see the new list with non-responders in the title. It’s like any list in your account, so you can mail to it right away if you like.

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