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Sending a welcome email to a new subscriber can keep these new sign-ups engaged and interested in your business, and encourage them to become a customer quickly. Sending a welcome email soon after someone signs up for your list gives you a good opportunity to let them know they’re important, what content you plan to include in the emails they’ve just subscribed to and to thank them for joining. Creating a welcome email in your VR account is easy to do, click the Create One button and follow these three steps:

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1. Select your mailing list - Once you’ve clicked the Create One button you’ll first select the list you want to send your Welcome Email to. A good choice is one connected to a sign up form, but any list you wish to use can be selected. Once your Welcome Email is activated we’ll send it out to any new sign ups or email addresses added to the list, but not to any addresses already on the list. This way no one will get the email more than once.

Welcome Email List selection

2. Create your welcome email - The next step is to create your Welcome Email. The steps are exactly the same as creating any email in your account. Select a template that you like, add images, a Call to Action is good to include in a Welcome Email and info you want to share. For more help check out our helpcenter.

There are different uses for welcome emails, for more content inspiration go to our blog.

3. Activate - When you're happy with the way your Welcome Email looks and you’ve tested and previewed it, it’s time to activate it. Unlike an email you send one time, you won’t need to schedule your Welcome Email, it will automatically be sent within 15 minutes anytime someone signs up to be added to the list you've selected. So all you need to do is click Activate and it's go time for your Welcome Email!

Welcome Email Activate Button

We have lot’s of resources to help you create Welcome emails that work for you, visit this pages for more info:

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