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Tool Panel

Designing your email is easy to do with our drag and drop feature. When you've added a new content block, or you're editing one already in the template, you'll see a tool panel to the right of your email. Depending on the content block you're working in you'll different tools available for editing. There are five blocks that have different editing options; click the name to go to that block.

Text Block
Image Block
Text and Image block
Social Share block
Follow Us block

Text Block

The tool bar for editing text has the features you'd expect. Use any or all of these options for your text, then click Save at the bottom of the tool panel.

While you're adding text to your email, our system will automatically check the spelling for you. Be sure you have Spell Check turned on in your browser, and you'll see any errors with a red underline.

Text Settings

Image Block
The tool panel to edit the image block has a few settings you can change. Make sure you click Save at the bottom to save all your changes.

Image Settings

Text and Image Block
This block has both of the above features, just click the buttons to toggle between editing the image or text.

Social Share Block
These are buttons to let your readers share your email on their social networks, so your only options here are to align the icons.

Follow Us Block
Add all your social networks to your email to get new followers.

Follow tools



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