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Select Background colorLooking to make some custom changes to your favorite VerticalResponse email template? Not only can you add your logo and other images to your email template, you can change the background color too.

The menu on the left side of the template has colored squares; 6 built in colors you can use for the background. Or, if you want to match the background to your logo or just your favorite color. To do this, click the box next to Custom Color. There are three options here:

    •    Select one of the boxes on the left with the color you like.
    •    Click in the box on the right to find the color you want. You can use the rainbow panel to find the correct color family, then find the shade.
    •    If you use a specific color for your website, you can add the color code in the box on the bottom right side.

Once you’ve selected the color you like, click the Choose button, and you’ll see what it looks like on your email.

You can change this color if you don’t like what you’ve picked, or revert back to the original white. Keep in mind that different email programs will show different amounts of the background color, with mobile phones showing the least amount.

Select or add custom color

Background Image-  Beneath the color options are background images you can use instead. Click the sample of the background you’d like to use and you’ll see it around your email. Change it by simply clicking on a different image. Click the white circle to remove the background image, or select another color you like. It's important to note that the background image could be blocked in some email programs, not all of them show background images. If this happens, the default will be white.
Background images

Background IMage info



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