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Call to Action Buttons

We suggest using a call-to-action in your email (the action is you want your readers to take) and especially using a call-to-action button to help them do just that. Now you can create your own call-to-action (CTA) button!

Our button site will guide you through creating buttons for your emails:

To help you get started here are a few simple steps:

1. In the Button Text box enter what you want your button to say. It’s best to use action verbs such as Buy, Learn, Create, Start, Sign Up, Register, etc. This is a small space so keep the text to a minimum. Also, to prevent the text from breaking to the next line use alt+space (option+space for Mac users) instead of using just the space bar.

2. Now the fun part! The next 5 drop-down menus let you create just the button you want. Each change you make will show up on the sample in the LiveCall to Action buttons Button Preview box.


  • Shape - Select from Rounded corners, Rectangle, Square or Circle
  • Button Color – Color options are White, Green, Blue, Red, Purple, and Black. Or, if you wish to match a specific color you can enter the color code you would like to use
  • Border Color - The default here is No Border but you can add one if you like. Try using white to give a smooth finish to the edges of the button.
  • Font - Choose from Helvetica, Helvetica Rounded, Georgia, Impact, Trebuchet, Brush Script, Comic Sans, Verdana and Times New Roman
  • Font Color - Text color options are White, Green, Blue, Red, Purple, and Black. And just like button color you also have the option to enter a specific color code.

3. Once you create your perfect button, enter your email address and click Send Me My Button.
                      call to action button email

4. Follow the instructions in the email you receive to download it. If you are looking for help adding images to your email please go here.

Also, we have a recorded webinar on how to use Call to Action buttons effectively.

Looking for more tips on using buttons in an email? Check out our blog post!



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