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Adding a Background to Your Email Template

Some of our email templates have coordinating colors added to highlight info you've added to your email. But you also have the option to add your own color to the templates as well.

To get started you'll need to select a template that you like. Then you'll see the options where you can change the colors by using one, or more, of the following choices.

Background colors for Content Blocks - To help bring attention to a specific Content Block, or to add more interest to your email, you can add a background color to the content blocks. Mouse over the block and click the pencil icon to access the design tools. In the menu on the right find Design and the drop down menu for Background color and Border. Click the color and you’ll see a menu with different color options, just click the one you want and then click Choose at the bottom of the window. You can also select a color from the color spectrum bar, or if you have a specific color to use, paste the color code in the box above the Choose button.

Cell Background

Content Block Border - Select a border type - solid, dashed, or dotted, and then select a color to help set it apart.

Background - Select a color for the background, the part around the body of the email, by selecting a color you see, or clicking the box to find a specific color. Or enter a color code to use a specific color. Beneath the color options are background images you can use instead. Click the sample of the background you’d like to use and you’ll see it around your email. Change it by simply clicking on a different image. Click the white circle to remove the background image, or select another color you like.

It's important to note that the background image could be blocked in some email programs, not all of them show background images. If this happens, the default will be white.

Background colors
Background images



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