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Activate a Welcome Email

Creating a Welcome email is a lot like creating any email in your VR account, you’ll select a template, add images, links and then your content. But what happens next is where the magic happens.

When your email looks the way you want it, you’ve tested and previewed it, it’s time to activate it. Unlike an email you send one time, you won’t need to schedule this one, it will go out within 15 minutes of someone signing up for or being added to the list you selected at the beginning. All you need to do on this last step is click Activate and you’re all done!

Welcome Email Activate Button

If you find you need to make edits to your email, you can do that too. Click the box next to your email and then click the Pause button in the bottom right corner. This will stop your email from being sent the next time someone signs up. You’ll see the status of your email change from Active to Paused, so you’ll know it won’t be sent out. Then click the name of the email and then the Edit button to make your changes. Once everything is the way you want it to be click the Activate button to start up your automatic email again.

You can check your email stats any time you like, just click the name of your Welcome Email to view them.

Pause Welcome Email



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